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Experience Claymark’s Triple Protected Treatment. Unlike anything else in the market, three barriers of protection ensures your Garrison weatherboard lasts a lifetime.* This waterbased, eco-friendly treatment penetrates right to the core and has a proven history of performance.

Garrison is the next generation of treated finger-jointed pine, precision manufactured from Claymark’s premium radiata pine blocks. A next generation patented treatment, Tru-Core®, is used to preserve and extend the life of the wood.

Garrison is the first choice for any job that requires a superior finish. But it has more than great looks in its favour. It is an environmentally sound product, sustainably grown and precision manufactured in New Zealand to Claymark’s exacting standards.

Garrison® is a cladding product unique to our company. It has been researched and developed by us to provide our customers with the ultimate superior finish.

Treated with Tru-Core® a diffusion based system which uses waterborne carriers to give 100% penetration of sapwood and heartwood. Tru-Core® also uses five different biocides to give widespread protection against fungal decay and termite attack. Each board comes factory coated with polymer based sealer which resists water uptake and provides a coating of 100% solids for full protection; and finished with two coats of 100% acrylic undercoat giving a consistent 50 microns of dry film build.

Triple protect your home

Garrison® Features

  • Manufactured from high grade pruned logs which come of some of New Zealand’s best forest resources
  • Tru-Core® is a waterbased, eco-friendly treatment that penetrates right to the core and has a proven history of performance.
  • Perfectly suited for New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions and a superior choice for environmentally conscious Kiwis, coming from renewable managed resources.
  • Claymark backs Garrison with a 15 year Written Limited Warranty.
  • Tru-Core® process to H3.1 standard Deep
  • Tru-Core® protection means no re-treatment required for any field cutting, drilling or nailing.
  • Tru-Core® meets and exceeds New Zealand Standard 3640:2003
  • Cut, dried, graded and machined through Claymark’s facilities and to our exacting quality standards
  • Finger-jointed to exacting specifications;
  • Profiled to a range of dimensions suitable for a all designs and applications (cover for the weatherboards ranges from 110mm to 155mm);
  • The product range includes weatherboards, eave mouldings, and box corner finishing systems.
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