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A superior, precision-cut cladding solution that allows builders to easily and quickly install solid timber weatherboard cladding for classic and contemporary house designs, to the highest traditional craft standards.

A-lign is a premium precision-cut timber weatherboard cladding solution. Designed to help builders install solid timber weatherboard cladding to the highest traditional craft standards, quickly and easily, the system comes pre-primed and undercoated to achieve significant time saving benefits.

Made from sustainable NZ radiata pine, the A-lign range has been finger-jointed for defect-free strength. Finger-jointing pine improves the natural characteristics of the timber by 400%, increasing durability, flexibility, strength and stability for a superior product.

Treated to withstand termites, borers and rot, and with a stringent BRANZ appraisal*, the A-lign product range comes with a 15-year warranty – so there is no need to take any chances on your next build. With the A-lign system the weatherboards are secured using nails.

A-lign is suited to both direct and cavity type construction and includes bevelback or rusticated weatherboards, vertical cladding, baseboards, internal and external scribers, pre-fabricated box corners, facings, weatherheads and sills.

A-lign Features

  • Easy to Use – Fast Install & Less Waste
  • Sustainable – From Renewable Wood
  • NZ Grown and Made
  • Superior Durability, Strength, and Stability
  • Termite, Rot and Borer Resistant
  • Pre-primed and Undercoated
  • First Final Coat Direct from the Factory
  • High Moisture Protection
  • Extra High Wind Zone Rated
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • All details of the A-lign solution are available in the CAD formats most commonly used in architectural practices.
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How do I set-out with the scriber as a template around window heights, etc?

On the website we have a set-out guide for pre-cut frame manufacturers to show these details with effective covers IE 110mm and 155mm for bevelback and IE 117mm and 162mm for rusticated.
This can be calculated prior to the trim sizes for windows etc; the baseboard also plays a part here as can be adjusted up and down.

Can I use the tilt fillets on the bottom row of boards instead of using the baseboards?

On the website we have a set-out guide for pre-cut frame manufacturers to show these
Yes, no problem.

Can a nail gun be used or does A-lign have to be nailed by hand?

On the website we have a set-out guide for pre-cut frame manufacturers to show these
A hammer is preferred but a Paslode type gun is okay as long as the pressure is set lower and the nail head does not penetrate more than 2mm into the board.

What is the nailing pattern?

On the website we have a set-out guide for pre-cut frame manufacturers to show these One nail, ten millimeters above the lap on each stud line. That is 42mm from the bottom of the board for bevelback and 39mm from the bottom of the board for rusticated.

Why do A-lign weatherboards have weather-grooves?

On the website we have a set-out guide for pre-cut frame manufacturers to show these Weather-grooves are now a BRANZ requirement for solid timber weatherboards from all manufacturers. The grooves are a ‘peace of mind’ safety feature that allows effective management of any moisture that penetrates the cladding face. Weather-grooves are a requirement of E2AS2 as per NZS 3617 and BRANZ bulletin.

How is A-lign primed and undercoated?

A-lign is delivered pre-primed, and undercoated on all four sides. Both primer and undercoat are oil based. Oil has proven performance as a primer and undercoat providing good resistance to moisture uptake.

What paint is recommended for A-lign?

Once A-lign is in place, two coats of 100% premium acrylic house paint is recommended. The painting and maintenance specification has been developed to extend the coating period.

How long can A-lign cladding be on the wall before it must be painted?

Finishing coats should be applied as soon as possible after installation of exterior sheathing, joinery and trim. All painting should be carried out in accordance with AS/NZS2311 Guide to the painting of buildings. Timber should be painted when the surface is dry and when the board is near the equilibrium moisture content (EMC < 16%). Priming or painting when the weatherboard is above or below the EMC can result in the weatherboards shrinking or swelling after installation or painting. If in doubt check with a moisture meter.

What colours can be used?

Colours with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45% or greater are recommended. Dark colours should be avoided as they can cause distortion of framing, and resin bleed. Your paint supplier can advise on suitable colours.

Where can I buy the A-lign weatherboard system?

A-lign is available from approved timber merchants and regular building supply companies.

Does A-lign come with a warranty?

Yes. When A-lign cladding is installed as specified in the A-lign Technical Manual, we provide a warranty of 15 years. See the website for full terms and conditions.

How is the system packaged for site delivery?

Our domestic dispatch people ensure product is wrapped, packaged and protected to a high standard. Our selected freight company has an excellent record for damage-free transportation. A-lign can be delivered direct to site in the Auckland area saving on double handling.

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